Rooted in Clay is about engineering, recycling, and, above all, experience. With this approach, Agence Ter designs unique, smart and convivial landscapes. The project is about the play between two materials which reflects geological processes that formed the Jura Mountains. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently recognized top projects from around the world in its 2011 Professional Awards program. Project Description: Small Gardens Category In the ‘inner’ area, small patches of what looks like local vegetation are placed in a very relaxed design language, emphasizing the qualities of the surrounding landscape and translating it excellently to a smaller scale. Project Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, Project Title: A Child’s Hillside Garden Project Location: Santa Barbara, CA, Project Title: Timeless Renovation but help make projects reality through their local expertise, willingness to navigate through the local environment, and a desire to change things. Tuesday, 30 June 2020 – Jury members completed their task and selected recognitions in 6 categories: Public Landscapes, Infrastructure projects, Residential project, Private Residential Gardens, Playgrounds + Schools and Hospitality landscapes. Strelka KB is not a classical design office, but a bridge between Russian society and the global design profession. Consequently, the actual traces of history are kept visible with a genuine purpose – although this required such an action as moving a bunker. Project Description: Specialty Projects Category Project Location: Kempton, PA, Project Title: Laureano Residence Project Location: Martinez, CA, Project Title: Back Yard Woodland Haven Award Winning Landscapes is certainly a great name for your company because your landscapes are AWARD WINNING and your customers are the WINNERS! The Prins Hendrikzanddijk deals with a dynamic landscape system – a waterfront that faces rising and unpredictable waters. Merit Award TE ARA I WHITI – Light Path LandLAB + Monk McKenzie ... Grand-Metis International Garden Festival and winning … EMF designed landscapes are a result of a curious design approach that emphasises the curiosity also in the visitor by leaving landscape features and stories hidden enough to be discovered rather than just put on display. He retired in 2015 and lives in Amsterdam. SWA is a design firm renowned for creativity, responsiveness, and resilience in the planning and design of landscapes, whether at the scale of an urban plaza, a city … Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) In times, when our profession still produces a monoculture of ideas resulting in sameness, Studio Vulkan is showing the way to keep landscape architecture interesting. Project Location: Frankfort, KY, Project Title: L Reflection Urban Oasis Landscape Design – Canyon View Terrace, Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC – Croton Street Garden, Dima Rumiantcev – Dimastery Studio – Brooklyn Family Terrace, Mason Shaffer of Blanchford Landscape Group – Grounded Prominence, Annika Zetterman/Zetterman Garden Design – Rosunda, Isa Hendry Eaton/Isa Bird Landscape Design – Terrace Pool Garden, Kelly Kilpatrick – Floradora Garden Design, Josh Myers/Myers + Co. Landscape Architecture, Isa Hendry Eaton/Isa Bird Landscape Design, Eileen Kelly, Dig Your Garden Landscape Design, Geoffrey Fornari @ Great Oaks Landscape Design, Andrea Wilson Mueller/Inside Out Design, LLC, Josh Gormally, MLA, APLD/Artistic Landscape Architecture, Mason Shaffer of Blanchford Landscape Group, James M. Drzewiecki, APLD, Ginkgo Leaf Studio, LLC, Tish Campbell/Amy Martin Landscape Design, Marti Neely, FAPLD/Marti Neely Design and Associates, Linda Middleton, FAPLD, Terralinda Design, Jean-Marc Flack/Hortulus Animae – Mindful Garden Design, Vanessa Gardner Nagel, FAPLD, Seasons Garden Design LLC, Mark G. Brotton – Living Water Irrigation and Landscape LLC, Enter the 2021 APLD Landscape Design Awards, Enter the 2020 APLD Landscape Design Awards, Uphold our code of ethics and advance professional practices, Be the source of thought leadership in responsible and innovative landscape design, Foster creativity to inspire passion for excellence. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) The design shows a powerful mix of a personal design language which doesn’t celebrate itself, but serves the adventures of the visitor through differentiated landscapes, climatic spaces and atmospheres. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) It reactivates the old river channel for visitors, masterfully combining new modest elements and simple structures into a powerful experience. Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) The portfolio of Topotek 1 reflects a unique conceptual approach that is dedicated to solving social issues and practicing landscape architecture as a multilayered and creative cultural discipline. Landezine team recognizes Berlin based landscape architecture and architecture office Topotek 1 as the winner of the LILA 2020 Office Award. In 1998, Birnbaum founded TCLF – The Cultural Landscape Foundation – which acts as a bridge between American cultural landscapes and the public. Project Location: Bel Air Crest in Los Angeles, CA, Project Title: City Courtyard Garden Its intervention is a sensitive, precise study of village imagery, social life, as well as the movement through a broader landscape. The Noordwaard project is a new 4450-hectare flow area that will prepare The Netherlands for the rising waters in the ‘Room for The River’ project. World Landscape Architecture opened the call for entries in late 2016 for the inaugural WLA Awards with entries being received from all over the world in early 2017. Furthermore, the project reuses city’s leftovers, mainly wooden slabs. Instead of just creating a lake the landscape is proposed that first creates natural conditions for a lake to take place as a consequence. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) One of the most startling projects submitted for the 2020 ASLA Student Awards was Dark Matter—a proposal that uses landscape … Vanessa is an APLD Award winning designer, author and speaker. In his book Invisible Work, van Gessel states his objective is to design spaces in a way that they feel as if they’ve been there since always. The jury noticed the presentation of the project, focusing away from the house into the garden as the place of dwelling and coexisting with the site. This way the user interacts with the meaning, making the experience far more intense and memorable. The 35 award-winning projects, as well as a further … Project Location: Lincoln, MA, Project Title: Modern Tudor Courtyard Garden Over time the plantings will create a lush, dense green corridor. Awards - 2018 Natural Stone Award The Piece Hall Transformation Project. An ASLA Student Award-winning project challenges outdated death practices. The structure was established as a landmark, social magnet, a site part of, yet distinct from, landscape. She has designed and installed many notable and beautiful landscapes, but some might … The humbleness with which usual goals of public space are achieved is emphasized through the rawness and simplicity of means, such as reordering stones found on site, choreographed view corridors through a seemingly naive window, a fireplace or a simple swing in the courtyard. Project Location: San Ramon, CA, Project Title: Desert Spa Courtyard The office designs public spaces, works on urban development plans, engineers landscape transformation strategies, and is involved in spatial research projects. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) A green, almost forest like ambience in the middle of Barcelona, again with a direct connection to the site’s past and ecological measures for cooling down the site with dense planting. The simultaneity of a public space with the intimacy, and almost fragility of such a needed meeting point has created a strong, unique sense of place. Toni Areal, for example, is a roof garden, an urban oasis that uses only time to make itself more defined by natural forces, and one in particular – decay. Washington, D.C. 20001-3736. AJ Architecture Awards - Mixed Use Project of the Year Television Centre. The International Architecture Award Yearbook All the selected award-winning projects in global architecture . We design primarily public projects with focus on parks, nature play, schools, playgrounds, community park design, destination … It began by using vegetation maintenance to design public spaces in Girona. The play of shapes, levels and morphology makes it interesting to the various age groups of the nearby kindergarten as well as children from the area. A clever, precise design of a path, with a sophisticated geometrical set of shifting positions, where platforms, seats or walls organize the views far away, and with the same movements build a very strong sense of place. Agence Ter demonstrated excellent skills to design a multifunctional, generous and inclusive social platform that offers various uses (including growing food).

award winning landscape architects

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