In the first stage of the rebranding process, Uber conducted a brand audit and good things about it is that you get accurate data on the perception of the brand, so that subsequent decisions are facilitated. This may feel odd, but for a brand like Uber, this is possible because of its huge brand recognition around the world. The rebranding is part of a process of Uber redefining itself and transforming its purpose now that it has become a global brand, according to an Uber blog post on the news. New clothes aren’t going to do the job; it’s the actions that count. The new logo is approachable, easy to read, and takes full advantage of our name recognition. The rebranding extends to the app itself with animations, new illustrations and guidelines for photography. Uber’s new chief brand officer, Bozoma Saint John, is in charge of changing the company’s image. Uber Rebranding … Uber may be a global brand, but it is a local business. Much more flexible, and slick.September 13, 2018 I highly recommend you look at the whole system, and its purpose. Uber, once a black car service for an elite few, has ditched its stark branding for a new approach evoking a more connected world. Kalanick says he and Amin have been working on the rebrand for the past two years and that he wanted to develop a new look that reflected “our technology, as well as the cities we serve”. campaigns, events). Uber launched in 2009 with a red magnet identity, which was replaced in 2011 with a black-and-white logotype. Uber. Black scored a total of 88% favourability according to Uber. And, no matter what the rebrand, everyone fancies themselves a critic, a branding expert. #designtwitter gave a lot of about how simple the logo is. In some cases, there is no need for the Uber logo. Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick personally worked on the rebranding, and tried to explain redesign in a blog post. In Lagos, for example, Uber riders can pay cash. 1. Even though I loved the authenticity of the last Uber brand, I think the new brand is ace! Rebranding is a complete overhaul of how your company represents itself to the world, and as such, you must be authentic. “Uber’s new leadership wanted to ensure that the brand … Watson says the rebrand aims to push home the point that Uber focuses on “[passenger] safety and ease of use”. To succeed, Uber must build driver networks in cities worldwide, and each city is unique. And hence the new logo is merely representing an iconic brand with the power of name recognition. “Uber is changing the way people move around the world – and the company itself has been changing,” says Watson. I like Uber's rebrand a lot. By removing the Uber logo from this type of lockup, we avoid duplication and over-saturation in most cases. Cynics say the new Uber is a distraction, a chimera to veil the company's lawsuits and fair-wage issues. This is either because the brand will mostly appear internally (teams) or in a situation where the Uber logo will appear independently of the brand (e.g.
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