You may copy this article only in it's entirety, including any author bio and / or credits, and you must link back to, Determining the maturity of your organisation with Capacity Management >. pixabay for various (free) images, var mailme0 = "mailto:";var mailme3="edit";var mailme1="or\@itilne";var mailme2="";document.write(""+ mailme3 + mailme1 + mailme2 +"<\/a>");[please use the contact form], by post c/o Through the Line LimitedGillingham, DorsetSP8 5ET. xiv ITIL Capacity Management. Management CaPacity Management RePurting + CumPunent CaPacity Management + Business CaPacity Management + Service CaPacity Management ITIL® is a registered trade mark uf AXELOS … Capacity Management is the process of optimizing the cost, timing of acquisition, and deployment of IT resources to support the agreements made with the Customer. Many organizations are embracing ITIL as a model for best practices. Additional costs are incurred for central co-ordination and reporting of Capacity information. Related Books of Interest Implementing ITIL Configuration Management, 2nd Edition The New Era of Enterprise Business … To plan for where your capacity is going, you need to know where you’re at. The content of this site may be unmoderated submissions from unauthenticated users and as such it cannot and does not represent the views of, its Principals or sponsors. A Journey from the Unknown, Implementing Capacity Management Capacity Management is sometimes seen as an afterthought when setting up IT service management something we will do at an un-defined time in the future. This sub-process ensures optimizing use of current IT resource components such as network capacity, bandwidth etc. However, it is a critical skill that is required for delivering a successful enterprise service. NB: This page is © Copyright and / or the relevant publishing author. The process overview of ITIL Capacity Management (.JPG)shows the key information flows (see Fig. To enable ITIL Capacity Management to achieve its responsibilities it undertakes various activities including: The monitoring of performance and throughput of IT Services and the supporting Infrastructure components, Undertaking tuning activities, to make the most efficient use of existing resources, Understanding current demands for IT resources and producing forecasts for future requirements, Influencing the demand for resources and when appropriate in conjunction with ITIL Financial Management, The production of a Capacity Plan, which enables the IT provider to deliver services of a quality defined in the SLA(s). AN ASSESSMENT OF THE CAPACITY MANAGEMENT PROCESS OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE LIBRARY (ITIL) FRAMEWORK IN DELIVERING VALUE IN PUBLIC SECTOR by Osadi … In addition, capacity planning can be used … Even the best business planning function cannot always accurately predict demand. Incident Management ITIL v3 Incident Management Process...restoring normal service operation as soon as possible. With Capacity Management … Business capacity management. Capacity management's primary goal is to ensure that information technology resources are right-sized to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner. Capacity Management is considered during Service Strategy and Service Design phases. With the pace of technological change, generally the later a purchase is left, the more Capacity is obtained for the money, Planned buying is always cheaper than panic buying, Existing applications risks are minimized through the managing of resources and service performance, Risks to new applications are reduced through application sizing. Understanding customer’s current and future demands for IT resources and producing forecasts for future requirements. Producing capacity plans, enabling service provider to continue to provide services of quality defined in SLA. This problem can be helped if the ITIL Capacity Management process understands the business and is able to talk to the Customer in their language, ITIL Capacity Management is often considered a requirement within the host environment. It is essential that expectations for new applications be managed from the outset. Grow the Business 42 Project-Based Growth 42 Service-Based Growth 45 Summary and Next Steps 45 Part II Best Practices in Capacity Management 47 Chapter 5 Establish the Capacity Management … Capacity Management … Capacity Management Assistance with identification and resolution of any incident associated with any service or component performance. Thanks to; ITIL capacity management is responsible for ensuring that adequate capacity is available at all times to meet the agreed needs of the business in a cost-effective manner. Network or client environments are not included as part of the ITIL Capacity Management process, Whether careful consideration is given to the level of monitoring to be undertaken, ranging from the Business impact of a component failure, the volatility of utilization, the ability to automate monitoring and reporting. View Capacity Management.pdf from CBA 12345 at Fairmont School. You will need to provide and verify your e-mail address but your personal information will not be published or passed on to others. Capacity management supports the service desk and incident and problem mana… All trademarks and tradenames are gratefully acknowledged. Here are the several objectives of Capacity Management −. In addition ITIL Capacity Management understands, embraces and recommends new technology to support the services to business. Gather the Data. which is used by all sub-processes within Capacity management. This article has been viewed 29971 times. ITIL ® is a Registered Trade Mark, and a Registered Community Trade Mark of the office of Government Commerce, ... capacity-management-tb_155393.pdf. The topic of proper capacity management is not in the scope of this book. It translates business needs and plans into requirements for the IT services and infrastructure. Service strategy is the core stage of the ITIL service lifecycle. 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